Research Endeavors



Past and current projects have focused on a variety of spatial and ecological scales including investigations on specific species, populations, communities, and ecosystem-level biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


CASE is currently working with the USGS Gap Analysis Program and EPA Landscape Ecology Branch on identifying biodiversity metrics for use with ecosystem services analysis across the contiguous US.   The project is being conducted at multiple scales in a phased approach, starting with community-based studies (San Pedro, Middle Rio Grande, and Albemarle-Pamlico), then multi-state regional areas (Southwest, Southeast, and South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative), and finally culminating in the national-level EnviroAtlas under development by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its partners.


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Research on Species and Habitat


Climate Change and Crucial Habitat


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Research on Community Ecology


Land Cover Mapping in Tajikistan


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Remote Sensing Education



New MexicoView ( is also headquartered out of the CASE lab.