Directions to Taylor Hood Farms

From Las Cruces, head south on Main St.

Turn right onto Carver Rd, which turns into Apodoca Rd.

Turn left on Snow Rd.

Take the next right onto 374 (not marked until you are on it).

Continue straight. The road becomes dirt/gravel and you drive up a berm and turn left. You'll be up high with the river to your right. Continue to the bridge.

Turn right to cross the main bridge. Turn left at the end of the bridge and stay on the high gravel road to the left (don't cross the next bridge). The river will be on your immediate left and diverted water to your right.

You'll see a small pecan orchard coming up, which will eventually be on your right. The green learning center & yellow house of Taylor Hood Farms are immediately after the pecan orchard on the right & well marked.