Future Directions



CASE is committed to the future of conservation management in the Southwest and its unique environment, fauna, and flora.  CASE is dedicated to continued research focusing on applications that meets the evolving needs of state and federal agencies in accomplishing their mandates.  Further, CASE is devoted to maintaining and developing a state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports its research efforts for cooperators.  CASE staff have expertise and interests in a variety of areas including:


·         Species Conservation

·         Riparian Ecosystems

·         Ecosystem Services

·         Scenario Analysis

·         Vegetation Change

·         Fire Ecology

·         Landscape Fragmentation

·         Management Assessment

·         Indicator Species

·         Bioindicators

·         Landscape Scale Assessments

·         Range Extension

·         Invasive Species

·         Watershed Condition

·         Declining Species

·         Forest Ecology

·         Threatened and Endangered  Species

·         Grassland Ecology

·         Ecological Context

·         State and Transition Models

·         Restoration

·         Aquatic systems

·         Patch Dynamics

·         Ecological Integrity

·         Adaptive Resource Management